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The morphology of a small-town business into multiple nationwide corporations.

The technology sector has a rich, exciting and relatively short history due to its exceedingly rapid development. For example, do you remember a time before iPad Air and 4G networks when there were bulky 14-inch computers that had to be built to specs with dial-up internet? If you are older than 20, you probably do. And yes, there was a time, not too long ago when you had to log onto the internet and wait a half hour before you could check your email (what’s email?) Are you most familiar with the term encyclopedia or Wikipedia?

The 1980s and 1990s set what was to be a frantic pace of products to market and an evolution of technology that has created the mobile device, internet-dependent generation of today. Some renowned innovators made a real name for themselves in that former culture while others still continue to do it today.

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An Evolution Begins

If we know anything about technology, we know that it’s constantly evolving. From basements and garages to mainstream mass development, when we go back to where it all started and take into consideration the evolution of computers, we must recognize the importance that period of time had on all of innovation going forward. That is where our evolution began.

Having built his career around
monitoring the path of technology


Distinguished CEO of Dyventive, Inc., PharMethod, Inc., and Xyvid, Inc, David Kovalcik can be considered one of the classic American innovators of our time – having built his career around monitoring the path of technology – starting back at the computer boom in the late 1980s and creation of electronic commerce in the 1990s to developing technology driven events and advancing the internet streaming technology of today.

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Where Ideas Start

It was 1981 and the four Kovalcik brothers – John, Jim, Tom and Dave - were about to embark on a family business venture that opened doors for what was to become a very successful 25-year future. That same year, the first desktop was developed and thus the impetuous for developing Dave’s skill set of “technology trending”, albeit trial by fire.

Dave was a high school student watching older Kovalcik brothers, Jim and Tom as they were both involved at the early onset of mainstream computer technology. Jim was studying computer science at Temple University and Tom was working for CBS as a programmer in New York City. Eldest brother John was serving in the Navy. During that time, Jim participated in a campus-sponsored event that networked programming students with businesses in need of applications. Jim found himself programming a retail store inventory program culminating in a $1,000 sale of the program on a custom computer. In the context of the time period, it was a big deal because computers and software were only just starting to become an active part of the average business. What happened next set the course of this family business.

...A very successful 25-year future.

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Kovalcik and his brothers traveled to a Commodore computer warehouse outside of Philadelphia where personal computers were sold for around $1,500. Commodore was offering a two-for-one deal on desktop computers with the ability to become a dealer for the product. The three decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

With one computer for the retail store from the programming contest and a second computer for uses yet unknown, Kovalcik and family created their first business in computer sales and called it Computerware, Inc.

Like most great innovators with big ideas and little money, Kovalcik’s work started in the family basement. He used his shared home phone line for business contacts and listed his family address as his shop location.

“We took an ad out in the local newspaper and listed our home phone number - my mother was freaking out,” said Kovalcik, mentioning that she wasn’t fond of constantly finding “clientele of questionable character” on her doorstep. “She finally said that we had to get out of here,” Kovalcik added. “So, we went out and we found a retail location.”

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Apple Changes Everything: With the growth of the business and increase in popularity of computers, Kovalcik looked for more ways to advance the product lines. In January 1984, Apple INc. introduced the Macintosh computer. Kovalcik and his brothers decided that the company's next big move would be to sell Apple products.

Computerware went through all of these steps and received the dealership.

We applied for the Apple dealership and it was a big deal - said Kovalcik. You had to go through all of these hoops - storefront, sign, Apple logo.
Apple introduces Macintosh. The computer for the bemused, confused and intimidated.
Computerware, 1986

By 1986

Computerware Inc. became the largest Apple vendor on the East Coast with 13 storefront locations in the Delaware Valley. As the company progressed further, it expanded its services to selling retail and accommodating large corporations. Eventually, the Kovalcik brothers decided it was time for Computerware Inc. to downsize its storefront locations and provide larger locations with more merchandise selections.

“Costs were coming down, demand was at an all-time high and availability of fully assembled components was on the rise, so we turned to the big box superstore concept,” said Kovalcik. “We packed these locations with product where people could come in and buy retail with a large selection and low prices.”

Computerware not only increased sales in retail. In addition, the company advanced their computer rental division, which proved to be a more lucrative department. Companies couldn’t keep up with technology versioning, or really master the ROI on some technology, so a viable alternative was to rent and keep upgrading when something new came out. That thinking was the impetus to one of Kovalcik’s most successful business opportunities yet to come.

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The Age of e-Commerce – Catalink Direct

As an innovator, it is important to gauge your markets. As the early 1990s approached, Kovalcik realized Computerware had reached market maturity in selling computer products to its audiences. Retail and corporate sales models were both delivering smaller margins. Buyers were more computer savvy and access to purchasers was becoming more and more limited.

The next big move was to convert its business model to one that would accommodate the smarter, faster buyer as well as capitalize on the capabilities of the technology of the day. It was the age of need for e-commerce. Computerware shifted its model, merged with other innovators, and changed its name to Catalink Direct creating the first-of-its-kind e-commerce platform that allowed companies and consumers to buy technology components online. That eliminated the need for retail locations and superseded a need for the sales rep to visit corporate locations. For perspective (although not in direct competition), Amazon started in 1994. The shift to e-commerce was on and Catalink Direct was on the edge of the new era.

The e-commerce model helped Catalink Direct (formerly Computerware, Inc.) grow into a 300 million dollar business muscled by a staff of over 300 employees. Shortly after the businesses merged, the companies went public and it was time to move on to something new.

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How Companies Are Born

Looking back at the Computerware model there had always been a segment of untapped success. While watching the biggest picture of technology trending and mainstream buying habits, the lesser watched Rentals Department continued to flourish through all of the developments but was dissolved at some point during the model changes.

“I never forgot that aspect of our former business,” Kovalcik remembered.

In 1997, Kovalcik established Rentacom, Inc, which leased computers. But three years later, he realized that the industry was fairly far down its life cycle with the decrease in cost for computers. So Kovalcik’s creativity kicked into high gear and he explored alternative rental services for his inventory.


“I always said that if I ever left Computerware I would start my own rental company because it was a successful model for a huge market segment,” Kovalcik said.
“A year rolled around after the public offering and the instant I could start my new business, I did.”

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Audio Visual and Staging are similar. Each involves products taht can be rented, broken down, and set up. - Dave Kovalcik

I looked at the business and thought, 'what kind of things do we do that would be conducive to working with another business? - Kovalcik explained.

Using the company’s inherent skills, Kovalcik set the foreground for Dyventive, Inc., a dynamic event planning organization that provides audio visual effects, technology rentals and production services.

Rentacom, Inc. became Dyventive, Inc. in 2001 and was soon recognized nationally for its innovative event solutions through audio visual effects, staging, technology rentals, and production services. Today, the 16 year-old corporation has evolved into a mid-size firm with more than 60 employees dedicated to its international progression including corporate events, annual conferences, medical meeting series, and product launches. Dyventive’s initiatives to provide unique concepts for virtual, live and hybrid events allow its clients to achieve their audio visual, staging and rental expectations.

Dyventive has indulged in a variety of diverse projects across a variety of market segments. But some specific wants and needs began to emerge out of its main target market (Pharmaceutical). Being mindful of need (and now new regulations) in the Pharma space as well as being skilled at accommodating technology complexities for his targets, Kovalcik envisioned and launched his next business, PharMethod, Inc.

View the Dyventive leadership team

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PharMethod, 2006

PharMethod, Inc emerged in 2006 and has since evolved into a highly reputable corporation.

PharMethod Inc. was first constructed using emerging technologies to track and execute all live and some virtual event details (similar to Dyventive), but then additionally it could provide advanced metrics, report ROI, and meet the complexities of reporting activity recently required by the government. Kovalcik took the initiative to create online portals that controlled pharma/doctor relationships, meeting management, and tracked all relevant spend and other details.

Since its foundation, the organization has expanded its services ranging from extensive speaker bureau management solutions to interactive broadcasts.

Serving the needs of only the Pharmaceutical space, PharMethod finds that it is now highly specialized and highly respected for innovating to meet the needs of this space.

View the Pharmethod leadership team

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At that juncture of its growth a new company materialized in Kovalcik’s vision for constant innovation. As Pharma began to struggles with tracking and reporting to the federal government, many found themselves searching for ways to get costs down but still hold events to reach audiences. Using other inferior technologies, Kovalcik called for and led the creation of an interactive virtual platform to meet needs and control live event costs.

It started for Kovalcik as a Pharmethod webcasting deliverable - PharmaCAST™, Tier I, II, and III - all developed in-house to provide the highest quality web events.

  • Tier I was the first created consisting of Adobe Connect and access to PowerPoint slides,
    but no video features.
  • Eventually, that solution evolved into Tier II which also generated through Adobe Connect,
    but allowed access to both slides and video.
  • Finally, Tier III was created including all the qualities of Tier II in high resolution.

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Xyvid, 2014

The creation of Tier III led to Kovalcik’s next business venture, Xyvid, Inc. (launched in 2012). The organization evolved from the PharmaCAST deliverable but now serves as an elite platform for webcasting live events across multiple industries.

Xyvid Inc. generates high-resolution, internet-based programs as well as cost-efficient alternatives to expensive satellite broadcasting while producing distinct visual features which enhance the quality of the webcast. Ultimately, this makes Xyvid, Inc. an organization dedicated to heightening the experience of its clients through its virtual events. These portals are constantly monitored by software specialists to ensure that viewers are experiencing the webcast at its highest performance.

Currently, Xyvid, Inc. has three live web streaming products: Xyvid Share, Xyvid Live and Xyvid Pro, which transport broadcasts for the web to targeted audiences. All are enhanced to amazing levels of performance when coupled with the 2014 release of “second screen experience” which coordinates content delivered to multiple devices at the same time.

View the Xyvid leadership team

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The Rest Is Simple:
The Core Values

Although Dyventive, Inc., PharMethod, Inc., and Xyvid, Inc. (DPX) differ in purpose, clientele, and initiatives, they are united through their core values with stem from Kovalcik’s personal experiences.

“The entire organization, no matter who is served, operates under our corporate core values. They came from my being – it is who I am and who our team is,” said Kovalcik. “It’s our duty to act with others first in mind.”

Kovalcik believes that the values of the company stem from life lessons. As a kid, Kovalcik had two open-heart surgeries that made him see life through a different light. Through that experience, Kovalcik derived his mantra: “If it can be fixed with money, it’s not a problem.” This simple phrase laid the foundation for the nine core values that have molded Dyventive, PharMethod, and Xyvid into the noteworthy corporations they are recognized as today.

The core values have centralized the outlook of Dyventive, Inc., PharMethod, Inc. and Xyvid, Inc. They are the impetuous for all the good that the companies create everyday. Yes, they have innovative products but also innovation in being good people. There is a peer selected annual award for the associate who best embodies the core values. There is an employee-led Sunshine Committee for morale and a cutting-edge green initiative for being a good citizen of the globe. All of these things and more come from the heart of the organization - from the DPX core values.

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Our Family

Dyventive, Inc., PharMethod, Inc. and Xyvid, Inc.’s work spaces are not branded to the companies, they are instead branded to the core values. They serve as a reminder that every action is to be taken with thought and intention of being better people. The core values concentrate on important skills and ideas that holistically tie to the workplace. These values are unification tools that have bonded Kovalcik’s experiences and beliefs with the idealisms and goals of each company. Ultimately, these core values have evolved Kovalcik’s mindset into a legacy that will continue to progress and serve future generations of the companies, their associates and families.


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